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Drugs and Conditions offers simple, online courses related to pharmacy and medications - at great prices!   

These courses are perfect for anyone with desire to enter the medical field - whether you want to be a pharmacist, doctor, nurse, PA, dentist, technician, PT, or anything in between.  Everyone entering healthcare could use a foundation of medication knowledge. 

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Teaching MUST KNOW Medications to future healthcare providers.  Cutting through the endless lists of information and presenting a concise and relevant medical knowledge foundation.  What you NEED to know!

Each Top Drugs Course contains:

Condition Overview

Learn about the condition.  What are the signs and symptoms?   What causes the condition?  What are the treatments?  What are the treatment goals?  Who needs treatment?  Obtain a good understanding of the condition before learning about the drugs used to treat it.

Medication Overview

The bulk of the courses will focus on medications. What medications are used to treat this condition?  What are the first line medications?  When would you use other medications?  When and how are these medications used?  Medications will be broken into drug classes and popularity. Each medication will have a hierarchy designation.  How important is it to know this medication?  They will be sorted in importance. 

Must Know Medications

Going over the important medications (again) at the end of each condition presentation.  You have learned about the condition and the medications used for it, now what do you absolutely need to remember?

Condition Outline

A printable, downloadable, one page Word document summarizing every drug discussed in each presentation.  Sorted in the usual hierarchy.  Brand and generic names will be listed.  You can print these documents prior to the presentations, and use to take notes that are relevant to you and your career.

Drugs and Conditions

Learning medications is one of the most intimidating, overwhelming, and difficult aspects of entering a healthcare field.

Where do you start? There are THOUSANDS of medications.


Top Drugs is designed to break down what you NEED to know into easily understandable / easy to learn chunks.


These courses follow which conditions are most prevalent, and which drugs are most popular.  This way, the student learns which drugs are actually used in practice.  Which drugs are fast movers in every pharmacy.  The gold standard drugs for each condition.   


These courses will provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge to enter a healthcare field, preparing them to excel. 


Benefit  in having the advantage over other applicants.  Imagine already knowing a bulk of basic medications while applying to Pharmacy, Medical, Nursing, PA, or Dental school.  How impressive would you be to the administrators?


Avoid the overwhelming  feeling of starting your first rotation at a hospital, with only a few weeks of school under your belt.  Avoid being completely clueless about what is going on!  Go in with a foundation of knowledge, putting yourself above the competition.


I have been through professional school.  The first couple of years were rough.  Had I known what I know now, I would have prepared.  I would have gone in with a foundation of drug knowledge.


That is what these courses provide.  Whatever healthcare field you are entering, or considering entering - go in with a strong foundation!  Blow away your competition, outshine the other applicants.  This is possible with some determination, and made simple with these courses.


Entire semesters of schooling can be dedicated to certain conditions.  These courses provide concise, relevant MUST KNOW education about each condition.


Different career paths require different pieces of medicinal knowledge.  These courses can be used by students in ALL of the different healthcare career fields.

Medications are sorted into a hierarchy.  Each medication will have a popularity designation.  I will tell you when medications are hospital only, over the counter, retail pharmacy only, etc.  I will tell you when a medication is an absolute MUST KNOW.  I will tell you when a drug is not very popular and only certain professionals will need to remember it. 

The point of these courses is to provide drug information that can be used for any future healthcare professional, at any step of their education journey.  You can decide how to utilize the information, you can decide what you need to take note of.  I will present every angle of the information.

Drugs and Conditions Courses
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